Mission 3R - Rethink, Rebuild, Recover

Mission 3R - Rethink, Rebuild, Recover

Bizpole has identified promoting youth entrepreneurship as a priority during the COViD19 pandemic situation.

Many young people are in a dilemma about their future career prospects and opportunities within the state of Kerala and all over India. Some may have lost their jobs during the CoVid-19 pandemic, while others may be graduating soon without a clear career path in front of them.

Due to job loss, many non-resident Indians living and working in the Middle East have returned back to their home state Kerala. Some have sent their family first as the first step of the relocation process.

The pandemic has also restricted the movement of labor between states. More people are choosing to stay and look for employment within their home states. There are also many people who still depend on the state in one way or another for their daily livelihood, whether in the field of agriculture, technology, or others. This puts a lot of pressure on the state to provide adequate employment for everyone.

The truth is that there is now a large influx of job seekers than ever wanting to find a sustainable livelihood.

Keeping all this in mind, Bizpole is launching a new initiative called Mission 3R - 2021 in order to facilitate economic recovery and contribute to the state and the country’s vision for inclusive and sustainable growth, demographic transition, and social stability.

With this initiative, Bizpole will train young people to recognize the opportunities around them and help them build their own businesses.

Profits are not everything. Businesses need to learn how to manage tough situations and come out stronger in the end. Bizpole will provide a platform for all entrepreneurs and guide them to establish and grow their businesses even during hard times.

This initiative will not only support fresh entrepreneurs, but also those who had started businesses but given up for various reasons. They will be guided in an appropriate manner to rebuild their dreams.

Bizpole aims to facilitate and empower 10,000 entrepreneurs in Kerala by the end of 2021 through this initiative.

What is Mission 3R?

Mission 3R is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Bizpole. We have planned out an array of regular activities in the form of free webinar series, seminars, and offline events. These events will be held collaboratively with experts from government institutions and other business excellence platforms. This one-of-a-kind series will feature one-to-one mentoring with experts, training, and coaching for new and existing businesses. Ideas for scaling up a business would be a vital part of Mission 3R.

Mission 3R plans to work closely with Government bodies and other supporting agencies to bring the best technology and research to every entrepreneur who wishes to skyrocket his business.

The three Rs stand for Rethink, Rebuild and Recover.


  • Bizpole will provide you the tools to rethink your business and provide the best foundation.
  • Bizpole will provide a platform for free trainings and seminars by collaborating with various veteran trainers and consultants.


  • Bizpole will support and assist you in taking proactive steps to put your halted business in a more secure position to stay strong and recover faster once the crisis subsides.
  • Bizpole will arrange one-to-one consultation with experts from all business portfolios on a free basis or on subsidized cost.


  • Bizpole will provide information on various upcoming business opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Bizpole will facilitate business networking and product matching for all registered entrepreneurs.

Walk-in with an Idea, Go with a Business

At the core of Mission 3R, we offer all support services for starting a business on a turnkey basis. If you walk-in with an idea, we will help you return with a business fully set up. For example, we will offer support services for entrepreneurs to set up their business starting with business registration, business feasibility study, implementation, and funding.

Entrepreneurship Development for Students

Mission 3R also aims at helping students enrolled in professional courses (like engineering and MBA students) start their dream company if they have an entrepreneurial mindset. In 2021 we plan to conduct networking events and entrepreneurship camps for students to participate as volunteers and meet more than 100 companies. Here they can closely study various business models and also get help to develop their ideas into viable business plans.

Global Tie-ups for International Business Opportunities

Emerging economies in today's highly globalized world have many business opportunities that can be set up successfully in India. We plan to work closely with commercial attaches from these countries’ embassies to bring their business opportunities to the Indian market.


Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to reevaluate your prospects and establish your own business within your state.

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