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Preparation & Maintenance Of Minutes

As part of their operations all companies need to convene various kinds of meetings like Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting etc. Every company incorporated in India is required to maintain the minutes of all these meetings in statutory registers and records. Statutory Registers are specific records containing details of a company’s shareholders, directors, and the meetings held. These records must be furnished before ROC (registrar of companies) within specific time limits together with prescribed fees as per The Companies Act, 2013. The statutory register and records should be maintained at the registered office of the company and must be kept up to date whenever any changes take place within the company.

Non maintenance of statutory records/ registers by the company can attract can attract an initial penalty of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 500/per day going forward.

Why avail Bizpole Services

Bizpole is a leading business compliance services platform in India. Our experts can help you in a regular preparation & maintenance of minutes of all your company meetings. We provide guidance through the process of Statutory Registration. Our experts complete all the compliance requirements in a timely manner. Our charges are only a fraction of the price charged by offline company secretaries making it cost effective for your business.

  • Preparation of Minutes (AGM,EGM, Board Minutes)
  • Updating register of members
  • Updating register of Directors
  • Updating register of Charge
  • Updating register of Shareholders
  • Updating register of transfers


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