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Proprietorship Firm

A proprietorship firm is the simplest form of business registration where the responsibility of operation and running the business lies solely with the owner. In proprietorship firm, only a single person can control, manage and invest entire capital, assets and bear all the profit or loss of the company.

There is no defined mechanism for registration of a proprietorship firm. The easiest way to register a proprietorship is through Local License / Registration and Tax registration.

Bizpole services will help you in registering your proprietorship through different ways of registration suited for your business type.

Benefits of Registering a Proprietorship

  • Easy to Begin Formation and closing of proprietorship is an easy to process as compared to other business formation.
  • Economical it is cheaper to start proprietorship when compared to other business registration.
  • Lower tax Liability There is no corporate tax liability on Proprietorship Company.
  • Minimal Compliance Compliance is minimal in comparison with other forms of business.

To start a sole proprietorship, you would need the following documents.

  • Pan card (Mandatory)
  • Photo
  • Address proof
  • Utility bill of the Firm register office.
  • Bank details like a bank statement, cancel cheque.

Bizpole offers you various ways in which you can become a sole proprietor like professional tax registration, Shops & Establishments Act Registration, an Import-Export Code or an MSME registration. All you need to do is describe your business objectives and provide some basic facts about your company and our subject matter experts will complete your paperwork and return it to you once the formation has been approved.

We also provide a separate GST Registration services on the name of Private Limited Company.

Compare Your Options

Limited Liability Partnership One Company Person Private Limited Company Partnership Firm Solo Proprietorship
Recommended For Professional services firm Solo promoters Start-ups and growing company Home businesses Small manufacturers & traders
Ease of Accommodating Investment Possible, but unlikely Possible, but severly unlikely Very easy to accomodate Almost impossible Impossible
Limited Liability Protection Yes Yes Yes No No
Tax Advantages Most Efficient Few Benefits Few Benefits Minimal Minimal
Perpetual Existence Yes Yes Yes No No
Statutory Compliances Low High High Minimal Minimal
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